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Welcome to Ring Law Firm

This Firm serves people in the enforcement or the protection of their legal rights created by both Federal and State Laws. The Firm serves to aid in the search for justice with fair and reasonable results for the client. In conflicts and charges that bring government into opposition with the individual, the lawyer stands between the individual citizen and the government. In the final analysis, Justice is a result, often achieved, through lawyers who apply their experience, advocacy skill and the law to the conflict that is to the client the most important issue in his or her life, at least for the moment.

With nearly five decades of active and continuous experience in complex civil litigation; white collar defense; defense of state police in matters of alleged wrongdoing; minority stockholder litigation; real estate conflicts; family conflicts involving differing interest; domestic relations; complex divorce litigation corporate; and environmental law; and in the international joint ventures involving telecommunication companies in the Netherland Antilles, France, England and the Netherlands, perhaps we can serve your needs and attention. Further, the Firm is experienced in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act as well as the establishment of various international companies in multi national matters relating to interest in the United States and abroad. The Firm has the unique experience related to the rights and duties of citizens in dealing with foreign governments and Federal Law.

The range of experience is from the so called legendary million dollar Brink's Robbery Case in the late 50's through corporate litigation involving large cases in Massachusetts and other United States and foreign venues, complex minority stockholder litigation. Recent litigation experience involves complex divorce litigation, business litigation and the defense of the individual in claims involving employment law, sexual misconduct, Federal investigations as well as serious juvenile court litigation involving high profile cases. Other defense cases involved the defense of the alleged largest thief of gas in Massachusetts and the Reclamation of gasoline in federal bankruptcy proceedings in New Jersey.

The Firm advises our clients in the prevention of litigation and their rights and obligations before the entry of the conflict into a courtroom.

The goals are primarily the prevention of litigation. In the event of litigation the Firm will assume a detailed investigation of the facts and the law and create a position that is well founded and supported by the law, the facts, complete research and the application of decades of experience and negotiations and litigation.

The Firm has extensive experience in complex family litigation both in the state and federal courts, significant litigation experience concerning domestic divorces and international enforcement in child custody matters. The Firm has extensive experience in corporation litigation, real estate litigation and complex partnership and fiduciary litigation in Massachusetts and other jurisdictions.

“The freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment must be accorded to the ideas we hate or sooner or later they will be denied to the ideas we cherish.”
—Justice Hugo Black